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Award Categories


The Digital Marketers' Awards are designed to recognize exceptional work done by the Marketing fraternity to take their brands into the digital era. Brand Stewards i.e. the CMOs or the Heads of Marketing shepherd their teams and their company into creating brand assets. These awards will recognize & reward leaders for the pioneering job of online asset creation amongst their peer-set for their brands. The entries will be judged by an exceptional jury who will not only look at results but also the leadership ability in creating an innovative marketing environment that has the ability to change the game of the branding and marketing industry.

You + Your Digital Marketing Initiatives For Your Brand = Winner

Award Winners 2022


Digital Advertising Awards

  • Best Advertising or Marketing on Mobile
  • Best Display Campaign
  • Best Search Marketing Campaign
  • Best Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Best Email Marketing Campaign
  • Best Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Best Digital Integrated Campaign
  • Best Mobile Marketing Campaign
  • Best Multi-Channel Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Best use of Mobile in Marketing
  • Best use of Mobile Media in Advertising
  • Best Brand Marketing Campaign
  • Best Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Digital Application of the Year
  • Best Mobile Search Campaign
  • Best use of Digital Media in Marketing /Advertising
  • Best use of Mobile/Digital Media in CSR/Cause Marketing
  • Best Digital Media Team of the Year
  • Best Progressive Digital Marketing Company
  • Stand-out Digital Agency of the Year
  • Best Agency/Client in Mobile Marketing
  • Best Agency/Client in Digital Marketing
  • Best Agency/Client in Content Marketing
  • Best Mobile Media Team
  • Best Use of Video (You Tube or Video)
  • Best Motivational Video or Video Series
  • Best Overall Website Design – Digital
  • Digital Agency of the Year
  • Digital Start up of the year [Company]

Best Digital Publications

  • Best in Tablet Publishing
  • Best Corporate Book / Dossier – Digital
  • Best Creative & Advertising Agency Publication - Digital
  • Best Hospitality / Travel Industry Publication - Digital
  • Best Healthcare / Medical Industry Publication - Digital
  • Best Financial Services Industry Publication - Digital
  • Best Technology Industry Publication - Digital
  • Best Manufacturing Industry Publication - Digital
  • Best Transportation / Logistics (Air/Auto/Rail /Ship) Industry Publication – Digital
  • Programmatic Company of the Year
  • Best School / University Publication - Digital
  • Best NPO (Non – Profit Organization) Publication - Digital
  • Best New Publication - Digital
  • Best Regularly Featured Column or Section - Digital
  • Best Feature Article – Digital
  • Best Overall Editorial – Digital

Website Awards

  • Best E-commerce website by a Retail Brand
  • Best E-commerce website in a Specialized Category
  • Best Local language Website
  • Best News Content Website
  • Best Travel Website
  • Best Financial Website
  • Best Education Website
  • Best Brand/Product Website

Mobile Awards

  • Consumer Mobile Service
  • Enterprise Product or Service
  • Innovative Mobile App
  • Mobile Game

Payment Awards

  • Prepaid Card / Product
  • Wallet
  • Digital Payment Facilitator
  • Mobile Payment Product or Service
  • Money Transfer Programme

Digital Social And Economic Empowerment Award

  • Best use of Mobile for social and economic development
  • Best use of Internet for social and economic development


  • Digital Person of the year
  • Digipreneur of the Year
  • Mobipreneur of the Year
  • Best Mobile Industry Professional of the Year
  • Best Mobile Media Professional of the Year
  • Mobile Marketing Professional of the Year
  • Mobile Marketing Academic of the Year
  • Greatest Individual Contribution to Mobile Marketing
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Mobile Marketing
  • Young Achiever Award : Mobile /Digital
  • Young Mobile Innovator
  • Women Leadership in Industry Award
  • Professional CEO (Digital) of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • Digital Marketing Professional of the Year
  • Product Person of the Year