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Role Players 2019

Neeraj Singhal

Country Manager, ZeoTap

Neeraj is country manager for zeotap who helps advertisers exceed campaign’s KPIs by using deterministic data from large telecom operators. On a mission to target the desired audience at scale, Neeraj engages with leading brands and agencies to help them achieve the aspired results.

zeotap is the global leader in aggregating data from telecom operators and other large enterprises and making it available for the mobile advertising industry. zeotap has established a global data platform which integrates deterministic user data, placing a focus on data security and privacy.

Neeraj +14 years in the industry have allowed him to take pioneering roles across companies. As an example, he led the sales department at one of the largest content discovery platform Outbrain. He also developed his sales capabilities during his time at different media companies such as Viacom, Komli Media India or The Times of India.


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