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Role Players 2018

Jose Leon

President, Indigo Consulting

Jose leads the Build function at Indigo Consulting, one of India’s top-ranked digital transformation and digital marketing agencies today. He is a powerhouse of build and technology with over 20 years of experience spent at the helm of Fortune 500 companies. He gets his kicks from complete digital transformations for businesses, by shepherding them through strategy, technology, project management, delivery and operations. From design thinking, augmented reality, machine learning, real-time analytics to block chain, Jose’s work has been integral to truly digitizing the who’s who in the private, public and government sectors.

In his downtime, Jose works closely with local government authorities to leverage technology for solving social problems. He also always makes time for endurance sports and golf. He says, “Today as we are in an “Experience Economy”, brands are looking at moments to create memorable events which translates to an “Experience” – a highly personalized differentiated product for the brand. Considering multiple digital touch-points that a customer has to engage with brands, the challenge also us with unprecedented opportunity.”


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